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Edinburgh Sleep Centre (Heriot Row)

Please note the Edinburgh Sleep Centre (Heriot Row) closed 30 Sept 2013. C. Idzikowski is no longer connected with the Edinburgh Sleep Centre (or the London Sleep Centre or Sleep Medicine Centre Ltd). (More info)

Patients requiring treatment may wish to reconnect with or try the London Sleep Centre (private; Sleep Medicine Centre Ltd; the London based Ebrahim/Williams private practice).

For insomnia the web-based intervention:

  1. Sleepio, or for a a "third generation" approach to insomnia the sleepschool, london (though .org it does require payment).  C. Idzikowski is currently not accepting patients.
  2. SleepStation (apparently available on the NHS (apps NHS) in some areas).



  1. Needs Polar - SleepRate (US $79.99) - uses a heart-rate variability algorithm


Cheaper apps

  1. Android
  2. iPhone
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