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Older Chris Idzikowski

Aeons ago

Brought up in Bristol & the Cotswolds, UK. Whitefriars School, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.

Very Distant past

Studied medicine Liverpool University but switch to Biological Sciences at Edinburgh University with an intervening year at Cheltenham General Hospital (CGH). Chris Idzikowski does not have a medical degree his academic background is in biological sciences (psychology mainly, pharmacology secondarily). Any anaesthetics and resuscitation he recalls comes from his time at the CGH and St Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Ontario.

Distant past

Apart from trying to learn Latin in his sleep Chris Idzikowski's sleep started with Emeritus Professor Ian Oswald (1929-1912), Edinburgh University -with a decent break at the then Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit in Cambridge. That work was on fear and anxiety and involved jumping out of aircraft with the subjects (members of the Cambridge University Night Time Sky Divers), c/o Waterbeach & 39 Engineer Regiment). From the fields of Cambridgeshire to Oxfordshire he subsequently moved on to set up a sleep laboratory with Janssen, subsequently the Janssen Research Foundation. This work was primarily clinical pharmacology using sleep stage architecture as a surrogate marker for research and therapeutic medicines.

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Ian Oswald, Prof Ian Oswald

Rolling news
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