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Sleep and sports performance

Sleep underpins good health, yet by many it's regarded as optional. Should it be regarded as optional or should it be considered as vital and important as every other aspect of training? I obviously think it is vital? Is it just sleep? No the biological clock and sleep are partially interdependent -


14th November RSM meeting: Sleep & Sports Performance - info & registration


Sleep - different times, different questions, different issues

  • Training
  • Pre-event
  • Recovery
  • Burnout

9.30 am

What the sports physician would like to know about sleep
Dr Mike Loosemore, Consultant, Sport and Exercise Medicine, 
Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health, University College London, 
and President, Sport & Exercise Medicine Section, Royal Society of Medicine

9.45 am

Why sleep affects sports performance
Dr Chris Idzikowski, Edinburgh Sleep Centre

10.05 am

Bright light interventions for optimising athletic performance
Professor Greg Atkinson,
Health and Social Care Institute
Teesside University

10.35 am

Minimising circadian variation and the effects of partial sleep deprivation on athletic performance
Dr Ben Edwards, Liverpool John Moores University

11.30 am

Sleep, exercise and the brain
Professor Jim Horne, Director, Loughborough Sleep Research Centre

12.00 pm

Sleep to win
Dr Louise Reyner and Mr Andy Whale, Loughborough University

12.30 pm

Sleep physiology and the Olympian
Professor Derk-Jan Dijk,
Professor of Sleep and Physiology, and Director, Surrey Sleep Research Centre

2.00 pm

The impact of sleep and nutrition on sports performance
Dr Jason Ellis, Northumbria University

2.30 pm

The interactions between sleep, sport and the immune system
Dr Samuel J Oliver, Bangor University

3.30 pm

The impact of Ramadan on sleep and sports performance: Theoretical insights
Professor Jim Waterhouse, Liverpool John Moores University

4.00 pm

Instrumentation and data - Understanding your sport the athlete and the data
Specialist speakers and panel discussion

The effects of sleep extension on the athletic performance of collegiate basketball players. here

Sleep exension lead to faster timed sprint following sleep extension (16.2 ± 0.61 sec at baseline vs. 15.5 ± 0.54 sec at end of sleep extension, P < 0.001), improved shooting accuracy, with free throw percentage increasing by 9% and 3-point field goal percentage increasing by 9.2%. Vigilance reaction time and sleepiness decreased following sleep extension.. Mood scores improved with increased vigor and decreased fatigue. Subjects also reported increased physical and mental well-being during practices and games. SO - do it?! Get some more sleep.


A solo sailor's sleep strategy.

First sleep and sports performance meeting ..

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