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Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service

Chris Idzikowski runs the Sleep and Assessment Advisory Service which provides consultancy and research support for all aspects of sleep and its disorders.

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Chris Idzikowski can be called a sleep expert or sleep specialist because he has worked professionally in the area for many years. His research, clinical, consultancy and medico-legal interests are varied. Initially he worked primarily in research but he started the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service after realising that patients could do with better support.

SAAS  was set up in 1993 when sleep diaries and questionnaires were sent to general practices throughout the U.K. The SAAS diaries and questionnaires were part of a sleep self-help pack that general practitioners (GPs) could offer patients. The patients filled the diaries in and posted them to Lisburn (NI) - the service preceded the general access to the internet. The diaries were analysed and sent back to the GPs so that the patients could be advised and treated according to the recommendations. SAAS subsequently provided telephone, and eventually email support.

SAAS has broad interests, research, consultancy, sleep management and clinical support.

SAAS was preceded and supported by New Clinical Entities (NCE) Brainwaves Ltd - a pharmaco-EEG and sleep research contract service and NCE Overseas Ltd general consultancy service. Organisations such as contract research organisations, hospitals, universities, etc were supported. NCEs also supplied central sleep scoring services (e.g. McNicholas et al, 2004 ).

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Consultancies  - Contact

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